The Case For A Vegetarian Diet


1. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: Don't eat any animal flesh (red meat, white meat, or fish). They do eat dairy products and eggs.
2. Lacto vegetarians: Don't eat any animal flesh or eggs. They do eat dairy products.
3. Vegans: Don't eat any animal flesh, eggs, or dairy products. They only eat plant foods.


1. It tends to be lower in cholesterol. High cholesterol diets tend to clog the arteries, increasing the risk of coronary artery disease.
2. It tends to be lower in fat. The typical high fat American diet leads to obesity, heart disease, and other ailments.
3. It tends to contain more complex carbohydrates and fiber (things which decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer).
4. It contains fewer toxins. Hundreds of man-made chemicals are placed in the feed of livestock or injected into their bloodstreams (steroids and other growth hormones, antibiotics, fertility drugs, etc.). All of these chemicals wind up in the animal flesh the consumer purchases.                           5. It can be cheaper (have you ever compared the prices of vegetarian entrees at a restaurant with the prices of meat entrees?)
6. It is better for the environment. Millions of acres of forest are cleared every year to create pastures for cattle to graze in.7. It requires fewer resources. Sixteen pounds of grain go into the production of one pound of beef. If the demand for beef decreased, more grain and soybeans would be available to the hungry of the world.
8. It is kinder to animals. The era when men when out into the wild and killed animals in order to survive is over. At that time, animals lived free until they were killed by man. 
Today they are artificially inseminated and suffer terribly in factory farms. There is nothing "natural" about eating meat anymore.


Easily! A well balanced vegetarian diet contains all of the amino acids required for protein synthesis. And not all essential amino acids must be consumed each meal to 
ensure that protein synthesis will occur--the body stores essential amino acids and uses them when it needs to. There are also a number of common vegetarian protein 
supplements available.


Vegetarians can get all the vitamin B12 they need in dairy products. Or, if they are vegan, they can take a B12 supplement (commonly found in multivitamins).

Dairy products, dark green vegetables, cauliflower, and other vegetables are rich in calcium. And virtually all multivitamins contain calcium.


As a first step toward a healthier diet, give up red meat but continue to eat chicken and fish. Or you may want to go further and give up everything but fish. Its really not as hard to do as it sounds. What is left for you to eat. 
Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian, and American foods! There are thousands of dishes which can be prepared with grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, seeds, and nuts. You will probably never get to try even a tenth of them!

A note worthy example of a vegetarian bodybuilder is Mr Universe Bill Pearl.


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