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Eleiko Sport manufactures the ultimate  in barbells  www.eleikosport.se

The Swedish company that manufactures the ultimate  in barbells and other weightlifting equipment. 
Eleiko is the manufacturer and world-wide supplier of  equipment for power-sports, which have cornered the highest  quality market for the last 45 years. A prime reason for the  huge success this equipment has enjoyed is that it satisfies the exceptionally high requirements of the elite athletes in both Olympic weightlifting and Power lifting, who will accept only the highest possible quality (Hi-Rep Gym uses Eleiko Powerlifting Bars& Weights.)

Proactive Health (Gym & Fitness Equipment Supplier) www.proactive-health.co.uk

Chris Onslow: "Proactive Health" provides an extensive range of gym & fitness related goods and often worth trying when you cant find spare parts for obsolete equipment  that are no longer listed anywhere, Check out the Pro Blocks dumbbell section. ProActive Health Ltd, Oxford 01865 886300 Bath 01761 439900

Jordan Leisure Gym & Fitness Equipment UK  www.jordanleisure.co.uk
Neil Jordan: "Jordan Leisure" Suppliers of high quality Gym & Fitness equipment both new and second hand refurbished. You will find Neil very helpful in finding you the best deal at a price you can afford.

Powerblock Dumbells  www.powerblock-uk.com

Leisure Lines (GB) Ltd  www.leisurelinesgb.co.uk

( Unique Strength & Iso-Lever Machines)

Body Tracker   Body fat percentage Software   www.linear-software.com

Iron Grip Barbell Company  www.irongrip.com

Polar Heart Rate Monitors & Watches www.polar.fi

Bodybuilding Films www.bodybuildingfilms.com

SDA Solutions Fitness Software  www.sdasolutions.com

Torque Athletic   Custom Engineered Athletic Equipment   http://torqueathletic.com

BowFlex   Home Gym Equipment  www.bowflex.com

twww.r2bf.com  Totally Fitness Totally Fitness owns one of the largest showrooms in London and the UK www.totallyfitness.com

Nautilus Classic Equipment www.nautilus.com

Hammer Strength   Plate Loading Iso Lever Resistance Machines  www.hammerstrength.com

Futrex ( Body Fat Percentage Analyzers) www.futrex.com or www.intimex.org

Futrex  Body Fat Percentage Analyzer Futrex is the world leader in using light to make precise measurements of body chemistries. For example, Futrex Near-IR body fat analyzers are the most widely used instruments for determining and analyzing a person's percent fat in both professional offices and in the privacy of the home.  (as used at Hi-Rep Gym)

Fitness Equipment HQ www.fitnessequipment-hq.com

Comprehensive directory of gym and fitness equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Body Solid United Kingdom   Gym & Fitness Equipment   www.body-solid.co.uk

Workout Fitness UK   Fitness Equipment Retailers   www.workoutfitness.co.uk

Fitness Superstore    Cardio Equipment - Strength Equipment   www.fitness-superstore.co.uk

Weight Lifting Belts, Gloves & other Leather accessories  www.goodwillind.com

Tuff Stuff  Gym Equipment Manufacturers   www.tuffstuff.net

Wally Pullum Sports  (Power lifting Equipment UK)   www.pullumsports

Exatrack TM Exercise Performance Management Software Free Download !   www.exertrack.com

Sportbee - Sports Equipment in Online Sporting Goods Stores www.sportbee.com

Online sports stores can fulfill all your sports equipment needs. Take your time to browse our web site and find the equipment you need.

Quality discounted gym equipment and supplements.  www.gymmerchant.co.uk

CC Sports and Fitness www.ccsports-online.co.uk

A P T Pro Wrist Straps www.ProWristStraps.com

Arbiter International  Manufacturers & Exporters of Sporting Goods   www.arbiterintl.com



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