Stretching, Safety Considerations & Gym Etiquette

Don't stretch if you have sharp, acute pain with joint or muscle movement. Also don't stretch if you've had a recent sprain or strain.

Stop stretching if you lose function or experience a decrease in your range of motion.

Stretching Guidelines

1) See a physician and take a medical exam before beginning a stretching program.
2) Don't stretch immediately before eating.
3) Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
4) Work on a non skid surface -- preferably a firm mat.
5) Warm up prior to stretching (e.g., easy jogging).
6) Move slowly and smoothly into the stretch.
7) Use proper mechanics and concentrate on correct alignment.
8) Breathe normally and freely, accentuating your exhalation when you move deeper into a stretch.
9) Hold a stretch for 20 seconds to 1 minute and relax.
10) Don't strain or force a joint beyond its normal range of motion.
11) Come out of the stretch as easily as you went into it.

12) Check that all equipment is in a safe condition before use.

13) Check that there is adequate space and that no one is likely to get in the way.

14) Use a spotter.


Gym Etiquette

1) Always leave the gym in a tidy condition.

2) Always remove weights from bars and plate loading machines immediately after use.

3) Do not lean weights against walls, paint work or painted equipment surfaces.

4) Do not leave weights, dumbbells or any other equipment on the floor.

5) Do not leave sweat on upholstery.

6) Use the litter bins and do not leave litter in the gym.

7) Do not drop weights on the floor, power lifters and  weight lifters use a platform that is specially constructed for their sport and not a normal floor !

8) Do not shout in the gym and disturb the concentration of others, top power athletes do not shout so why do novice body builders feel they need to do it ?.



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