Intermediate Workout Plan

After a short breaking in period as a beginner its time to start stepping up to "Intermediate" level and splitting the routine up into different body parts on different days the most common method being the push pull system. This involves working all the pushing muscles on one workout and the pulling muscle groups on another this way you can avoid over working any particular muscle group but at the same time you can step up the amount of days that you can train on or cut down on training time, either way the muscles get more recuperation time to repair and are also subjected to increased intensity levels.


Day 1 & 3  Chest / Shoulders / Triceps   

Day 2 & 4  Legs / Back / Biceps

Usually 3 to 4 sets per exercise performed as a pyramid eg: 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 reps would be employed and anywhere between 2 and 4 exercises per body part depending on the size of the muscle group in question Legs and Back for instance might need 4 exercises while Biceps or Triceps would only need 2 exercises. The most important thing is to pick exercises that suit your levers and frame so maximum muscle fibre recruitment takes place with each repetition and energy is not wasted on non productive sets and reps ( always strive to maintain good exercise form take twice as long to lower the weight as you took to lift it ! is a good rule of thumb to go by  eg: 2 seconds to lift the weight then hold in the contracted position for 1 second and lower in 4 seconds , Note some advanced systems take this principle further still  " Super Slow" method  sometimes taking up to a minute to perform just one repetition ! ).


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