Compound Rowing      Iso Lat Pulldown              Iso Pec Dek & Rear Delt             Smith Machine

 This Smith Machine was the result of collaboration between body building champion Ian Harrison and myself , the bar runs on superb quality linear bearings and solid hardened steel upright bars , it was made a little taller than other machines so standing presses could be catered for  and has bar catchers mounted to the front upright cage so a Olympic bar can be used instead of the one in the cage, on the rear side of the machine is the heavy duty squat rack with adjustable bar catchers..

View of gym from far end

                         Iso Lever Chest Press, Nautilus Hip & Back Machine, Pannata Hack Squat, Nautilus Super Pullover MkII

Iso Chest Press  like other iso-lever type machines offer's a compromise between free weights and machines and like the Hammer Strength machines they follow more than one range of movement ensuring a maximum contraction, muscle overload and the stability / safety of a machine at the same time . This feature is also very useful when training alone. Nautilus Hip & Back and this particular Super Pullover Machine are more women's machines as the Super Pullover is narrower than our other version and better suited to people with smaller frames while the blue Super Pullover is a full size machine and can take the largest of people. The Hack Squat is another Pannatta model and very adjustable.

              Nautilus Multi Exerciser, Nautilus Abdomina Crunch, Nautilus Torso Arm, Nautilus Leg Extension

The Nautilus Multi Exerciser machine was a favourite of the late Paul Borrensen (Chemical Warfare & Biohazard) which he used for his calve work (if the machine was available to him) ,other uses include weighted chins, donkey calve raises, standing calve raises, triceps dips, chest dips, upright rows, shrugs, bicep curls, triceps rope extensions, wrist curls, forearm curls, and many more. The Nautilus Leg Extension machine has to rank with the best and is one of very few machines that ever pivoted correctly at the knee joint . The Nautilus Torso-Arm  was another Pre-Exhaust technique machine for Lat work.

Hammer Strength Horizontal Iso Lever Bench Press


       IFSA 12" Diameter Specification Log                                            Atlas Stones


Max Straps & Multi-grip Handles

Westside Barbell Football bar

Chain set with Monolift                           Pro Dumbells


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