Pro Block selectorized dumbbells. ProBlock provides a complete set of weights ranging from 5 to 125lbs per hand - equivalent to 37 pairs of dumbbells. Each bench in the gym has a stand of Pro Blocks immediately to one side of it so no one is left waiting around for a set of dumbbells to become available and you don't need to walk all round the gym looking for the ones you want to use. Magnetic plates can also be attached either end of the dumbbell and 1 or 2  2.5lb bar shaped weights can be slid inside the handles adding  further weight. .

More Nautilus Machines:                  Multi Bicep                          Multi Tricep                             Duo Shoulders

The old model Nautilus Multi Triceps and Multi Biceps machines are still sought after even today and can be seen used in both Dorian Yates Temple Gym and Trevor Smith's (Nuclear Nutrition) "Beyond Failure Gym" in Las Vegas while the Nautilus Duo Shoulder machine was a favourite of the late  Mike & Ray Mentzer , this was another Pre-Exhaust technique designed machine.

Gym-Build Incline Leg Press & Pannatta Incline plate loading Donkey Calve Raise Machine.

                   Pannatta Smith Machine, Iso Lever Leg Press, Iso Lever Shoulder Press

Iso Lever Front / Hack Squat Machine Leisure Lines (GB) Ltd

Eleiko Power Bar , Hatfield Cambered Squat Bar , Farmers Walk Handles


Above: Power Rack, Chains for Bench Press, Squats or Deadlift ect Below: Thick Bars (2" Diameter 7ft, 6ft & 5ft)


 Monolift  with Westside Barbell Camber Bar


                           GHR Machine (Glute & Hamstrings)  Ironmind Rolling Thunder (Grip)  Chest Suported T Bar Rowing Machine


                                 Weight Releasers                        Sportkraft BPC Power Bars       


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