As of 1st Jan 2012:

Gym fee's will be periodically reviewed to try and keep in line with increasing running costs however this does not effect existing standing order members provided they maintain their payment on time.

New standing order membership fee's will be 19.50 per month , this will not effect any existing members status and will only effect new members from the start of each new year.

Existing standing order memberships will remain fixed at 15.00 pm (3.46p pw pre 2005) or 18.00 2005 (depending on when you joined) for 2006/07 and subject to the above, this is in gratitude to all our loyal customers who have stood by us and maintained their payments (This offer is not available to previous members who left or did not maintain their payments and now wish to rejoin.

Current standing order fee is 19.50 per month for 2012

PAYG Monthly Memberships (Pay As You Go By Cash Payment) 22per month (5.50 pw) payable in advance (Non refundable / non transferable, monthly permit is for one calendar months use of the gym).

Casual users (non members) Fee 3.00 per session.

Opening times as of Jan 2012

10am to 9pm Mon - Fri / Sat 10am - 6pm / Sun - 10am - 2 pm

GYM ETIQUETTE: All users are required to train and dress in a sensible manner and respect other users privacy and the equipment provided e.g. no deliberate dropping of weight's, not wiping any sweat from upholstery , unnecessary shouting or banging of weights, failure to replace all weights and other equipment in its correct place of storage immediately after use and to leave the gym in a tidy condition place any rubbish in the bin provided, Make sure your footwear is free from mud or other debris and the soles are of a non slip type, Do not clutter up the machines with gym bags, clothes or other items use the coat hooks in hallway or place gym bags under counter out of the way, Respect the neighbours by not parking across their driveways or making unnecessary noise while entering or leaving the building .


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