Advanced Workout Plan

(Before following any advanced program the trainee must truthfully assess himself as to whether he is at an advanced level or not, the following program is really just a step up from the intermediate program and is more about safety, technique and basic understanding than what is considered an advanced bodybuilder's program which often fall short of these factors. The reality is an advanced bodybuilder would be at a level where their instinct and experience would dictate their training preferences )

Advanced strength trainers should do two warm up sets (when using heavy weights) for each muscle group worked (doing 10 reps at 50% of the weight to be used and then another 10 reps at 70% of the weight to be used). Advanced strength trainers should perform 1-3 sets per exercise and 1-3 exercises per muscle group (so 3-9 sets per muscle group).

To advance to this stage you must be able to up your intensity by increasing your weight or decreasing your rest between sets. Work each body part two or three times a week.

Concentration and visualization (see yourself completing the movement) is critical. Because this is a difficult phase of strength training, you must push yourself to achieve the results you want. Vary your exercises to challenge your muscles as well as to avoid feeling stale. And never sacrifice technique for weight.

Group muscles as follows:
Chest, Shoulders,Triceps
Legs: Quads, Hams, Calves
Back, Biceps

Common Training Principles/Routines

Before working out, warm up for 5 to 10 minutes on cardio equipment, or until you begin to sweat. Then stretch your major muscle groups. Use the following suggestions, or substitute stretches you like better for each muscle group.

Trunk -- Standing trunk
Legs -- Calf, vertical hamstring, seated two-leg quad, seated adductor, seated buttocks and hips

Neck -- Lateral and anterior neck
Back -- Kneeling lower back and standing upper back
Shoulder -- Behind-the-back rotator
Pectorals -- Seated pectorals


MONDAY (Chest, shoulders, triceps)
One warm-up set at 50% and one at 70% 10 reps
* Incline press-(pectoralis major)
* Bench press-(pectoralis major)
* Bent-arm fly-(pectoralis major)
* Seated press (no warm-up because shoulders get warmed up with chest work)-(deltoids)
* Dumbbell lateral raises- dumbbell or cable-(medial deltoids)
* Triceps extensions (no warm up because triceps get warmed up during chest and shoulder work)-(triceps)
* Triceps press-downs-(triceps)

* Sit-up crunches 2 sets
One warm-up set at 50% and one at 70% 10 reps
* Back squats (quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals)
* Leg press-(quadriceps and gluteals)
* Leg extensions-(quadriceps)
* Lunges-(hamstrings)
* Leg curls-(hamstrings)
* Standing heel raises-(gastrocnemius)

FRIDAY (Back and Biceps)
One warm-up set at 50% and one at 70% 10 reps
* Lat pulldowns-(latissimus dorsi)
* Seated row-(latissimus dorsi and rhomboids)
* Bent-over row-(latissimus dorsi)
* Upright row-(trapezius)
* Bent-over dumbbell raises-(rear deltoids)
* Biceps curls-(biceps)
* Preacher curls-(biceps)

TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY (Abdominals, Lower Back)
3-4 sets each.
* Twisting trunk curls- 20-25 reps-(abdominals)
* Sit-up crunches- (feet up)- 20-25 reps-(abdominals)
* Trunk curls- 20-25 reps-(abdominals)
* Back raises- 12-15 reps-(erector spinae)

Advanced Circuit Variation (no more than once a week, 2-4 cycles)

* Warm-up every movement, rest, then start with first exercise. No rest in between exercises

* Perform 6-8 reps.
* Rest AFTER each circuit for 5 minutes.
* Decrease weight
* Repeat circuit with 12-15 reps.
* Rest 5 minutes
* Decrease weight then repeat with 20-25 reps.

* By working in all rep ranges, you get complete work of all muscle fibers (red, white and pink fibers).

* Back raises-(erector spinae)
* Sit-up crunches-(abdominals)
* Back squats-(quadriceps and gluteals)
* Lat pulldowns-(latissimus dorsi)
* Bench press-(pectoralis major)
* Leg extensions-(quadriceps)
* Leg curls-(hamstrings)
* Seated press-(deltoids)
* Upright row-(trapezius)
* Standing heel raises-(gastrocnemius)
* Triceps extensions-(triceps)
* Biceps curls-(biceps).

Rowing machine
Steppers and stair climbers
Walking with hand weights
Outdoor biking
Stationary bike

Any activity that involves a major muscle group for a minimum of 20 minutes of continuous or interval training. Do 4-5 times a week, for 30-60 minutes at 70%-80% of your maximum heart rate.

Your maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. For example, if you are 29 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 220-29 = 191 beats/min.



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