Leg Training


Nautilus leg extension machine start and finish position (Paul)

Starts with stretching shoulders to get the bar to sit correctly across full width of back


Barbell squat start and finish positions note flat back and hip joint slightly below top surface of knee power lifting style (Rory)

Squats using chains (Chris)

Hack squat start and finish position keep knees unlocked at top of movement to keep stress off knee joints (Rachel)

Iso Lever front squats start and finish position (Cobra)

Iso Lever & Incline leg press variants (Chris, Saul and Al)

Squats Powerlifting Style (Al)

Power Cage Squats (Al)

Nautilus Super Duo Squat start and finish position (Jodi)

Nautilus rear bicep curl start and finish position (Jodi)

Nautilus Hip & Back Machine works both Glutes and Lower Lumber together (Jodi)


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