Strongman Events


Each Super Series Grand Prix consists of six to eight disciplines, all of them extraordinary feats of strength. Each athlete is awarded points based on his placement in each discipline and the score is tallied up at the end presenting the winner of the Grand Prix.

Log Lift , Atlas (McGlashan) Stones , Barrel Loading , Bench Press , Car Wheelbarrow , Conan Wheel , Crucifix Hold , Farmer's Walk , Hercules Hold , Medley, Power Stairs , Squat , Truck Pull , Tyre Flip , Weight for Height , Yoke.

Other  Disciplines include Duck Walk, Fingal's Fingers, Shield or Stone Carry, Timber Walk , Viking Press, Back Lift, Rolling Thunder Dead Lift and Bar Bending to name just a few, There is also strength feats such as Bear Clubs or Indian Clubs aka Clubbells , War Hammers , Kettle Bells , Blockweights , Inch Dumbbells , Nail Bending etc.

Strongman Sites of Interest  Website run by Allan Lister based in Devon  Forum & Website run by Steve "Mobster" Gardener in Gloster Portsmouth Strongman Association Website run by Colin "Karson" Lewis  Caged Animal Forum run by Daniel (Animal) Evans UK

(WSM Super Series)  (IFSA) (ISA Irish Strength Association)

BSM (Britain's Strongest Man)

" The Dray Pull " Marvin McLatchie vs Geoff Capes at the 1981 Britain's Strongest Man.


" Wheel Barrow Race" Pete Tancred vs Richard Slaney (Both men won the title Britain's Strongest Man)

" Car Deadlift "  Hamish Davidson                " The Battery Hold " John Sedge

" Steel Bar Bending " Garry Windebank   " Girl Lift also known as the Back lift " Marvin McLatchie

" The Barrel Lift " Richard Slaney             " Tug of War " Hamish Davidson vs Geoff Capes

Henry Cooper with Steve Zetaloski

Peter Tancred & Marvin McLatchie still training here 25 years later

 Training Equipment


                 " 8" Diameter Log"                " Car Deadlift " Iain Connor (Note different handles)

Iain Conner's first time ever on a 12" IFSA Log manages 115kg (253.529 lbs)

Colin Anderson 135kg (297.621 lbs) IFSA Log

Colin Anderson "Farmers Walk" (Note T Shirt is nothing to do with me)

Iain Conner "Farmers Walk" (Think he was off home back to Bedford with my weights)

Iain "Bain" Conner & Mick "Cobra" Willson

Westside Barbell Camber Bar Squat in Monolift with weight releasers

SS Bar using chains total weight 305kg

125kg Log

Crucifix hold using heavy handles

Box Squats with SS Bar & Chains


Colin Anderson Westside Barbell Camber Bar & Monolift


Stone Loading Platform mounted in standard Power Rack

Home Made "Rolling Thunder" set up (not competition legal but serves the purpose)

Car Deadlift frame

Eleiko Power Bar , Hatfield Cambered Squat Bar , Farmers Walk Handles

2" Diameter Thick Bars 7ft for Apolons etc 5ft & 6ft for grip work

Agata Wróbel Training video


Seven Valley Novice Strongman 2007
Agata Wróbel

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